Printed Wraps

Custom Printed Wraps, Menus and Placemats for Restaurants, Hotels, Private Clubs, and Bars

Custom printed wraps, menus, placemats, restaurants, hotels, clubs, and bars, durable

Printed Wraps

Custom printed wraps, menus, placemats, restaurants, hotels, private clubs, and bars

Are you looking for a way to showcase a unique component of your restaurant, bar, club, or hotel? Printed wraps can provide an easy and affordable way to communicate this to clients and perhaps give them a keepsake to remember you.

Printed Wraps takes a piece of art and your menu and envelopes it into a laminate material with either a matte or gloss finish. It can anything from a logo, local landmark, to a photo of your restaurant.

One of our clients wanted to showcase a unique piece of wall art he commission for his restaurant. We took a high-quality photo, designed the menu and created the printed wrap with the wall art reproduction on the reverse. It turned out very nice. The client liked it so much that he also ordered printed wrap placemats to match.

This options is most economical at 1,000 pieces but is very affordable and can also be ordered at less quantities if needed.

IDEA: You can even give them away as keepsakes.


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